USENIX Conference Registration Substitution and Cancellation Policy


Registration substitutions are always welcome for in-person events. To request a substitution, you must email the Conference Department and include in your email the names and affiliations of both parties involved in the substitution.


In order to receive a full refund for registration to an event, conference registration cancellation must be requested by the cancellation deadline posted on the conference website. Please see your conference registration confirmation email for more information on how to cancel prior to the deadline.

Refund requests submitted after the cancellation deadline for an in-person event are subject to the discretion of the Conference Department, and full refunds are not guaranteed. However, USENIX will consider the following factors for refunds to registration for in-person events:

  • Personal illness
  • Family emergency
  • Inability to receive a travel visa
  • Travel interruptions caused by inclement weather

Email cancellation requests for in-person events to the Conference Department for consideration.

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rev. 02.05.21