zpoline: a system call hook mechanism based on binary rewriting


Kenichi Yasukata, Hajime Tazaki, and Pierre-Louis Aublin, IIJ Research Laboratory; Kenta Ishiguro, Hosei University

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This paper presents zpoline, a system call hook mechanism for x86-64 CPUs. zpoline employs binary rewriting and offers seven advantages: 1) low hook overhead, 2) exhaustive hooking, 3) it does not overwrite instructions that should not be modified, 4) no kernel change and no additional kernel module are needed, 5) source code of the user-space program is not required, 6) it does not rely on specially-modified standard libraries, and 7) it can be used for system call emulation. None of previous mechanisms achieve them simultaneously.

The main challenge, this work addresses, is that it is hard to replace syscall/sysenter with jmp/call for jumping to an arbitrary hook function because syscall and sysenter are two-byte instructions, and usually more bytes are required to specify an arbitrary hook function address.

zpoline resolves this issue with a novel binary rewriting strategy and special trampoline code; in a nutshell, it replaces syscall/sysenter with a two-byte callq *%rax instruction and instantiates the trampoline code at virtual address 0. We confirmed zpoline is functional on the major UNIX-like systems: Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and DragonFly BSD. Our experiments show that zpoline achieves 28.1~761.0 times lower overhead compared to existing mechanisms which ensure exhaustive hooking without overwriting instructions supposed not to be modified, and Redis and a user-space network stack bonded by zpoline experience only a 5.2% performance reduction compared to the minimum overhead case while the existing mechanisms degrade 72.3~98.8% of performance.

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